The legendary service and amenities of Mandarin Oriental—along with superb construction, opulent finishes, and expansive floor plans—blend seamlessly to offer residence owners the luxury to create the lives they wish to lead.


Mana’olana Partners launched The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Honolulu in February 2020 just in time for the disruption of sales due to the global pandemic. Harold X Clarke Advisors was brought in late in November 2021 to relaunch the project.

By March 2022 Harold X Clarke Advisors had updated the marketing and sales strategy, remodeled the Residents Gallery, produced a world-class lifestyle film, launched a reimagined website, marketing, and PR campaign, and fully re-trained the sales team.

By April 2022, new closings re-commenced even as the Japanese and Chinese markets remained closed to travel. Contracts, some closing remotely, have ranged up to 100% prepayment of the full asking price and are proceeding apace.

Shifting the focus of the website, Harold X Clarke Advisors made it a clear expression of Mandarin Oriental’s one-of-a-kind service offer and a vision of the effortless lifestyle made possible by the brand. Launching with an elaborate splash page and then a new website featuring a category-defining lifestyle film produced on Oahu with talent flown in from all over the world, project perceptions have reformed and from that renewed interest and fresh buyers. View the film

Harold X Clarke Advisors reimagined the sales gallery to give a genuine preview not only of the furnishings and fixtures, but more importantly of the tastes, sights and sounds that Mandarin Oriental will bring to Hawai‘i. The new Resident’s Gallery now easily facilitates in-person, and virtual meetings as well as intimate events supplied with freshly made food and drink for high English Tea, all presented in a refined and tasteful yet eminently comfortable environment that has guests reluctant to leave.

Harold X Clarke Advisors reorganized and retrained the sales team to focus on consultative, noncoercive methods that focus on providing a welcoming, enjoyable and memorable experience in the Sales Gallery. HCA also launched a multilingual marketing and sales support campaign that is both highly targeted and highly visible in the key markets for the property. With efforts spanning, B2B, B2C and PR the project rebuilt sales momentum.

Harold X Clarke Advisors resources its extensive database of the world’s most wealthy and well-connected individuals, making it possible to effectively inform this extraordinary group of unique real estate opportunities such as this.

“I trust Harold and his team completely. They have made all the right moves, and they have done it with a great deal of both hustle and finesse.”

— Jim Ratkovitch, Managing Partner / Mana’olana Partners
Rendering, The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Honolulu
Harold X Clarke Advisors

Building confidence in the face of uncertainty is critical in a project presale. The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Honolulu, is a blueprint for how this should be carried out.

Every development project presents a particular set of challenges. For Harold X Clarke Advisors, the combination of agility, innovation, and tenacity combined with a deep understanding of the target audience and their needs is the secret to success.